Tuesday, February 1, 2011

What's happenin' in the Lake?

The Jellyfish Lake crew is busy, busy!

+ Marshmallow Gun (L.Johnson) is finishing up 2 Brand New Albums!
They should be posted to the blog within the next week, so look out
for that!

+ Transparent Seas (B.Davis, J.Bartee) are in the studio recording a cassette for artist Max Clotfelter's new label out of Seattle.

+ J.Bartee has started an internet collaboration with friend
and fellow musician, In Flight Coma (MI). Look out for that!

+ Freewitch and J.Bartee have started Bancamp pages
which you can visit here:

So, That's what is in the works here...
Keep checking back for the latest!
Everything will be posted for free download, immediately upon release, as always!

- Jellyfish Lake Productions

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