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Android Not Man - Don't Forget Your Luggage On The Way To Cancelled Christmas (2009)


Android Not Man - Don't Forget Your Luggage On The Way To Cancelled Christmas (J. Bartee)

All songs made with Ableton Live as a Sequencer, Various Synthesizers/Filters, and Speech Samples.

1. 3-17-09
2. HST
3. Cancelled Christmas Part 1
4. 3-21-09
5. Thlearies
6. Vegetoid Octopus Slugs
7. Cancelled Christmas Part 2
8. 3-16-09
9. I Like It
10. 3-31-09
11. Outro


Freewitch - Trip Time Palfrey EP (2009)

Trip Time Palfrey EP

Freewitch - Trip Time Palfrey EP (B. Davis)

recorded live to my br-600 using my sp 303 along with my various korg machines...


Saturday, April 25, 2009

Honeybee - Persephone EP

Honeybee - Persephone EP

Honeybee - Persephone EP (J. Bartee)

I made these 3 tracks on my day off, using a vocoder, delay pedal, and a digital 8-track. Simple, yet expansive. Enjoy!


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Including such creative and high profile bands like Freewitch, Android Not Man, Honeybee, Louscious, and Green Icebergs. Jellyfish Lake Productions takes pride and pleasure in featuring and promoting artists that produce an ambient, electronic, psychedelic and experimental texture to their lyrical compositions and soundscapes.

These artists specialize in generating a unique audio recording that creates the sensation of experiencing a particular aural environment; Compositions shaped by using the found sounds of an acoustic atmosphere, either exclusively or in conjunction with their musical performances. Their individual and uncommon music evokes a feeling of contemplative spaciousness and sonic structure for deep listening.

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